Trying out Hubpress

My blog has languished considerably as of late. Partly this is due to simple negligence, but also partly because of the effort and cumbersome workflow involved »

HateStack: The self-deleting rantbin

Inspired by a tweet that Zoe Quinn made the other day, I knocked out a little web app over the weekend for a self-deleting public blogthing. »


It is my pleasure to announce that at long last, Racket has an online REPL. I’ve taken it upon myself to acquire a domain »

Trying a new theme

It would appear that Bootswatch has been updated to Boostrap 3, because I was able to install Slate without any apparent issue. Let me know if »

URI bug fixed

Thanks to the quick efforts of Greg Hendershott, we now have a fix for the Windows URI path generation, so links to subpages should all work »

Technical Difficulties

Currently aware of an issue in Frog resulting in malformed page URLs for my posts. Users on browsers other than Chrome will get 404 errors accessing »

Christening the Grimoire

Welcome to Arcane Syntax, destined to be the new home of all things relating to the arcane art of computer programming and development, as flowing from »