On LET: a brief comparative thesis

I started programming, as many people my age did, as a kid, with a computer running Microsoft BASIC. Disk Extended Color Basic on a Tandy Color »

A Quickstart Guide to Frog and GitHub Pages

It was discussed recently on the #racket freenode channel that getting going with Frog might actually be a bit tricky for someone not coming from the »

Sort in a Tweet

Sometimes I just can’t leave well enough alone. After my last post I dove into further simplifying my Racket code, and as a fun »

Correction and refactoring

I was thinking again this evening about last week’s quicksort post (which I’ve since even been informed isn’t technically a »

We need a new filter

In the wake of recent events in the gaming sphere, I’ve been thinking a good hard think. Harassment on the internet is becoming a »

Disqus comments with Frog

I had a slightly tricky time setting up a numbered comment link with Disqus, so I thought it might be helpful to write up a quick »