When I was 13 years old I predicted, and held for some time, that I would die by the age of 35. That deadline is just »

We can be heroes

On the 10th of January, 2016, David Bowie left this Earth a blander place. There are people who walk this earth so long, and with such »


My Facebook this morning brought to my attention this amazing and wonderful interview with Carrie Fisher and her dog Gary. Carrie Fisher is something of a »

Fuck you, I'm great

Hey new dev - think you're dumb? I struggled for 2 hours yesterday because I forgot how a single HTML tag works. We all »


I want a burrito. I have lived in Finland for two years, and sometimes, even often, I still crave a burrito. And not just any burrito, »


A thread on HN asks, "Why do you want to achieve something?" This particular answer struck a chord: Honestly, it’s the growing realization that »

What's the use of Monads?

The following was originally posted on HN. OK, go on, explain what else it is, rather than accidental convention of how to ensure an order of »

How do you say it?

I cried this morning. I didn’t know precisely why even, at the time. Moments before I had been attempting to look up options for »


I honestly believe this is what happened to Howard Dean too. I was excited about Dean, he was the first candidate in my adult life who »

Hocus Pocus - Excerpts from Chapter 32

“What a clever trap your Ruling Class set for us,” he went on. “First the atomic bomb. Now this.” “Trap?” I echoed wonderingly. “They looted your »